5 Common Questions About Driveways

Driveways are one of the most important elements in your property as they enhance your home’s aesthetics and increase its reselling value. Also, a well-laden and attractive driveway is a reflection of how you manage your home and make it presentable to the community. It shows what kind of a homeowner you are. Ultimately, driveways give a lasting impression on how you appreciate your surrounding.

A well-landscaped front yard is something to be proud of. But while you have thought about these things, you still have questions in mind if you haven’t begun your driveway project. Even if you had planned to but haven’t pursued yet, perhaps you want to know more. So, here we list down a few questions about driveways that are commonly asked around, especially by those who are eager to transform their lawn into something much more stunning.

What is the cheapest type of driveway?

There are many considerations in building a driveway. Obviously you want the type of driveway that will cost you less but would still provide you the functionality and aesthetics. Sometimes when these two factors combine, deciding on which paving type to install is tough.

But to lighten your load on deciding, keep yourself informed of the points to consider before you begin your driveway project.

  • Size and dimension. Depending on your property, driveway landscaping involves the size of your spare land. The wider the space to be built on, the more expensive it will be. Other properties have odd-shapes spaces which will make it more problematic for the area. Size and dimension are also dependent on the number of vehicles you have, or if your intention is plain space, then even if you only have one vehicle, or even none, no one can prevent you from doing what you want.
  • Budget. Anything is possible as long as you have the money. The only hindrance is that if you are willing to spend beyond your budget when things go sideways. Though driveway contractors present you a contract and stipulations of costs, sometimes, an extra job will hurt you for extra costs, such as change in materials, additional fees for labour, expenses for prior remodelling, and many other factors. And after you have your driveway done doesn’t mean your expenses are done too. Anticipate future spendings like repairs, cleaning, unforeseen repairs brought by natural calamities.
  • Maintenance. Let’s say you chose the gravel driveway. It is expected that this type of surface requires periodic maintenance because the substrate of soil moves over time, which is very much prone to erosion. The downside of gravel is that the aggregates are too loose for water to penetrate and in time may sink the stones along with the ground. So, new gravel must be added when the need arises.

How much should a driveway cost in the UK?

Prices vary year by year. Having a nice driveway in your home is one of the most rewarding ways you can keep your vehicle off the road. Most homes without driveways park their cars on the road, exposing them to potential damage. Do you know that insurance companies charge higher than usual when you don’t have a driveway? This is because they know your car can face damage anytime soon and they fear for the intermittent repairs charged to them.

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When you have a driveway, or planning to build one, the cost have to be high. The benefits it can give will far more surpass what you spent. Functionality and aesthetics are aspects you need to commit to if you want the best from adding a drive to your home. What’s real is that there is no fixed value for a single drive. What we can only give are mere estimations.

But first, consider the following to add to your cost:

  • Type of driveway (gravel, tarmac, block paving, resin bound, concrete)
  • Location
  • Size of prospective driveway
  • Drainage system
  • Maintenance
  • Condition of the ground
  • Contractor or company (different companies have varying prices)

Ideally, driveways are measured per square metre. So you can start calculating from there. A new gravel drive material would cost ₤40-60; tarmac ₤40-50; concrete ₤20-35; block paving ₤45-60; Resin Bound ₤40-70 (depending on the type of resin). After you have done this, then start scouting for the specific prices of those mentioned above.

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What’s the best driveway to have in the UK

There’s no single type of driveway that people in the UK opt to have. People usually go for value. When you get the most from your investment, for example longevity, people will resort to that kind of driveway that they can use for the long term.

Tarmac surfacing is the one mostly used on roads in the UK because it is suited to the climate aside from it’s low cost, easy installation, and durability. But for homes, people have varying opinions and choices.

Many would choose resin bound driveways for a more leveled up sophisticated appeal. But for homes that go with bricks, they choose block paving to partner with their home’s aesthetics. It is noticeable in the UK that many homes have brick walls, fences, and paths. So for those who prefer uniformity, they pick block or brick paving or cobblestone.

Will a drive increase home value?

Based on the discussions in this article, it is no brainer that any improvement in one’s property always adds value to it. Especially for driveways. If you have a newly installed driveway from which you spent thousands of dollars, it is no doubt that your property gained an appraised value. When you plan to resell it, the price goes higher depending on how much you think best would return your investment.

What is the best low maintenance driveway?

The best driveway with low maintenance is the type that doesn’t need frequent repair and maintenance. But as for all the driveway types, they have their corresponding pros and cons. It is up to you to weigh them in before you decide to build one.

Resin bound driveways is a good option if you want low maintenance. The surface is sturdy and the stones are well bonded giving little room for weeds and soil movement.

Concrete is also low in maintenance because it is one huge wide or long path. The only issue is that if the substrate is not steady against ground movement by vehicle weight. Also, moss and algae easily grow on concrete if your area is exposed to rain.

Block paving can be a candidate for a low maintenance drive only if it is laid on a concrete base. Any substrate that is permeable can handle drainage needs effectively.

What’s the best driveway to have in Manchester?

In Manchester, we do block paving, concrete, tarmac, gravel, and resin bound. If your driveway is a huge mess, professional contractors in Manchester Driveway Pro will fix it. We turn your old driveways into stunning front yards that will change the curb appeal of your property forever.

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