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About Our Company


You can only get the best groundwork specialist for your driveway and patio when you meet the pros! Our team in Manchester is founded with expertise in mind, serving Manhester and its surrounding areas.

We started small but we are making it big in terms of the depth of our service, whether commercial or residential.

If you are eyeing for a driveway installation or driveway layover and patio addition to your home, we offer no-obligation quotes, and we are more than willing to visit your place to assess the feasibility of your project.

Manchester Driveway & Patio Pro has been in this industry for over 20 years, and we have been laying down all types of driveways and build patios that serve as a home extension. 

Reliable and Affordable

We are proud to begin your tarmac, resin bound, block paving, concrete for your patios and driveways. We have a price we know to be affordable to suit your needs and depending on the complexity of workmanship you require.

Our affordable offers also give you a 5-year warranty. Our relentless services to former and future customers give us the reason to pursue and make each project as excellent as what we did before.

If we ever fail, which so far we haven’t, we will provide you the best solution to achieve the most appealing driveway project around Manchester.

We create customised construction projects. Giving your home a lift by finding the perfect surface and  design as an added attraction and increased in value of the property.


Check our past works that showcase the different driveway surface; tarmacadam, resin bound, pavers, concrete, and a mix of these aggregates or gravel. Do the same with your patio; you can opt for stamped concrete or pavers and build a garden landscape with retaining walls that will complement with the patio and the overall look of your house.

Our architects and engineers work with our contractors to serve best our customers.

We ensure that you only work with experienced and licensed contractors who understand the most appropriate material to use after careful evaluation of your area and available lawn.

We don’t begin unless we have secured all necessary permits and that the equipment we use are efficient and based on what the industry recommends.

Give us a call today to begin your query and receive our free estimates. We ensure to give you the best pricing that will suit your budget.

Manchester Driveway & Patio Pro is one of the UK’s trusted driveway and patio installers and contractors. We offer  solutions that may include hard landscaping and installation of retaining walls.

We have a long line of projects that have shown customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship of experienced builders.

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