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Gravel Drive Manchester

Perhaps, the next home improvement project you have in mind is a driveway makeover or a patio. And the surface material you chose is gravel. 

Manchester Driveways & Patio Pro will see to it that you will get the most attractive gravel driveway or patio for your home. We specialise in many designs but we let our customers choose what they like best in their eyes.

Property surface types are varied. But if you are eyeing for a gravel, we can let you decide and compare costs, durability, installation process, and many more.

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Though pavers and surfaces may look the same, they differ in many ways. It is a long list of facts to understand that each patio or driveway, even if they are made of the same surface type, such as gravel, the quality of workmanship would matter more.

If you are refurbishing your driveway, gravel is one type that is one of the ideal surface types we offer. In terms of price you’ll have no problem

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Gravel are particles of small rocks, smaller than a cobble. A gravel particle goes around 3 inches in diameter. Gravel is a mix of sand and clay.

Gravel surface for patios and driveways is suitable for areas with consistent flooding. With its high absorbent property, it drains off water fast and redirect it to correct basin. It may not appear to be a cohesive material due to its particles, gravel is resilient against any kind of weather.

Gravel Driveway In Manchester -Manchester Driveway Pro

Gravel driveway installation

Gravel is attractive when it is a finished product. Sometimes, the building of your patio and driveway filled with gravel depends on the type of workmanship of your hired builders. Our team understands that every undertaking should be handled with the best craftsmanship.

Why do you switch to gravel driveways and patios when you could choose other surface too?

  • – Installation is more affordable than high-end surface types
  • – Requires low maintenance
  • – Durable
  • – Best against flooding
  • – Highly absorbent
  • – Creates a lasting finish
  • – Adds a curb appeal
  • – Easy to clean

When you decide to begin your patio project, you can count on our team of expert builders and licensed installers. We believe in our craft because we have been doing this for many years servicing the area of Manchester.

Get to know the steps involved in laying the gravel:


  • – Ground is cleared of debris, roots, and problematic pipes
  • – Build a retaining wall on all sides
  • – Set out with string lines at the desired level
  • – Spread out the base gravel
  • – Install edging for your perimeter
  • – Fix all the edges to ensure the perimeter is complete
  • – Spread crusher dust and screed to the edge to even the surface
  • – Lay interlocking pavers
  • – Pour gravel over the pavers
  • – Consolidate or flatten the surface


The stability and longevity of your gravel driveway and patio will depend on foot and vehicle traffic. Without hassles along the way, your surface should serve you well for many years.

Gravel driveways are not exempted from harsh weather and damage caused by humans and other factors. It can be also exposed to potholes and cracks.

If you suspect your new driveway is on premature damage, call our pavers to assess your area and the materials laid in your old driveway.

Just call our hotline and we will be more than happy to assist you. Enjoy our no-obligation quote as well.

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